Macacões de Riscas em Linho

Macacões de riscas em linho

Chegaram os macacões mais giros da estação!
Macios, confortáveis, em 100% linho e giros que dói!

Stripes linen jumpsuits
Disponíveis em todas as cores giras de verão.

Verde escuro, rosa escuro, rosa forte, morango, tangerina, azul turquesa, azul petróleo, amarelo mostarda, amarelo canário.

Qual o seu preferido?

The coolest summer jumpsuits are here!
Soft, confortable, 100% linen, and hot!

Available in the best summer colours.

Dark green, dark pink, bright pink, strawberry, tangerine, turquoise, petroleum blue, mostard yellow, bright yellow.

What's your favorite?


Colares acrílicos anjinho e madre-pérola

Os colares anjinho mais fofos deste mundo estão novamente disponíveis. Depois de esgotarem na maioria das cores, podem ser novamente encomendados em qualquer das cores COOL KIT.

Colares acrílicos anjinho e madre-pérola

Bolas em acrílico, fio de algodão encerado, medalha madre-pérola e anjinho prateado.

1 - Bolas rosa quartzo fio branco
2 - Bolas brancas fio rosa claro
3 - Bolas brancas fio coral
4 - Bolas verde água fio branco
5 - Bolas turquesa fio branco
6 - Bolas quartzo azul fio branco

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Bubble gum sweet angel necklaces are back in stock again. After  being out of stock in most colours, they can be ordered again in any of the COOL KIT colours.

Acrylic bubble-gum beads, cotton yarn, other pear medal and silver angel.

1 - Rose quartz acrylic beds white yarm
2 - Light pink acrylic beads light pink yarn
3 - White acrylic beads coral yarn
4 - Water green acrylic beads white yarn
5 - Turquoise acrylic beads white yarn
6 - Ligh blue quartz acrylic beads white yarn


Blue Glass Barefoot Sandals

Blue Glass Barefoot Sandals

I have been colecting blue glass beads for a while.
Dark blue, light blue, deep blue, royal blue. I've colected all of them.

When I had a beautiful bunch I've started grouping them in what a pair of barefoot sandals would be.

This is the final selection. A beautiful pair of unique blue glass barefoot sandals.

These ones are not with me anymore. They are flying to California, Maryland, in the United States of America.

I hope the new owner loves them as much as I do. And wish her all the good luck and happy life!

Blue Glass Barefoot Sandals


Barefoot Sandals

Barefoot sandals are somewhat of a product of evolution from South Asia. They were first developed as variations of jewelry that was designed specifically for the feet that was worn as a symbol of ceremonies and celebrations, especially for brides that were celebrating their upcoming nuptials and vows. The are many variations of barefoot sandals such as materials used or styles that are made as well as how much area of the top of the foot they cover. However, they all have the same thing in common in that, they don't have soles like other sandals or shoes, and they usually have a loop in which to slide the second or third toe through and a tie or clasp that wraps around the ankle to hold them into place. They are meant more for decoration than practicality or protection for the feet. Conveniently, the beauty of barefoot sandals are that they can be worn by themselves or actually with traditional sandals that are open faced that don't cover or interrupt the sandal.

The feet have been a desired canvas for various forms of body art, Mehndi, tattoo's and jewelry for centuries and has become popular throughout the globe for various reasons. One of the most ceremonial and widely used forms of decoration for the feet comes in the form of Mehndi which is customarily done on both the feet and hands for brides who are preparing for their upcoming weddings. In other examples, the feet can be adorned with many forms of jewelry, barefoot sandals, tattoo's, painted toe nails and many other things as a decoration and statement for the feet.

Traditional Weddings

The image below shows a traditional Mehndi design on the feet that are adorned with foot jewelry that could also be considered barefoot sandals based on modern design variations and interpretations. The style and tradition originated in ancient India.

Casual, Fun and Flirty

Barefoot sandals have also evolved into a temporary form of body art and body jewelry that adorns the feet. This is where styles, materials and colors become a bit more creative. Listed below are examples of these styles.

Crochet and glass barefoot sandals

Crochet and turquoise barefoot sandals

By Debbie Edwards